Monday, January 7, 2008


I HATE ACER. This is a hate group. This is a platform for all those people who hate ACER, to come forward and share their feelings, express their views. We all are living in 20th century; we have freedom to speech & expression.

This is my request to all the people, who visit this blog, to please come forward and share your views.

I am a student perusing third year of my engineering in computing. I am from a middle class family. I had purchased an Acer Laptop – ACER TRAVELMATE NWLMI 4602. I had financed the purchase of laptop from my education loan.

At the time of purchase, I had a good image of brand ACER. I had even heard that it was the best selling notebook of Europe at that time. But later as I was using the product, I came to know the truth. Acer is one of the worst brands of laptop I have ever seen. I never expected Acer product to be of so low quality.

What would you say about the quality of a laptop, of which a customer gets its mother board replaced 2-3 times, hard disk 2-3 times, DVD-ROMs 2-3 times, speakers 2-3 times, adapter 1 time within warranty period. This is not a story; these are the facts about my laptop. Acer on its websites says “Empowering People”, but I would say the correct version should be “empowering people with a machine which is out of order most of the times”. The machine was not functional for most of the time during warranty period. Acer laptop has made huge losses in my study.

This is just a start. I will add lots more.
I request you all to come up & speak.